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How to Turn Your Halloween From Blah Into Fantastic?

I am a last-minute person. Holidays, parties, gifts all are attended or rejected last minute. One year I even grabbed a small cactus from the end of a cash register on the way to a wedding. I had to come up with a story on the drive there. Don’t make your Sims suffer because you, like me, didn’t get the perfect cc in time.

The modders and CC artists help you create the Celebration of your dreams. Celebrate Halloween, spooky day or Day of the Dead with costumes, makeup, decorations, and a variety of other elements to make the day complete. 

With the introduction of Sims 4 Seasons and Sims 4 Spooky Day, your Halloween is almost complete. You have the fall season and the pumpkin carving all that’s missing are those few finishing touches that SimRealist is here to help you with.

All credits to the Creators of these beautiful creations.


First, let's talk makeup from Fantasy to horror; let 's make the most of your holiday. A few of my favorites are:

Halloween makeup.


Clothes from Cute to Costumes:



Build/Buy Items 

Few older set collections that I personally loved


Did I miss anything? Want to recommend Cc that isn’t on the list? Drop a comment, and I might update the list since in the Sims 4. This Holiday returns Quickly. 

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