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June String Update

Its that time of the month where we update, add, or remove translated strings from our mods. Normally we do this with a Monthly Re:Cap, but today we introduced a new staff member instead. You can check this out here: https://www.simrealist.com/post/a-builder-worth-following.

See you next week for our Quarterly Release!


  • Updated Polish string

  • Updated Portuguese (PT) string

DOWNLOAD: https://simrealist.itch.io/mortem


  • Updated Polish string

DOWNLOAD: https://simrealist.itch.io/private-practice-public


  • Added the Traditional Chinese Version

  • Added the Italian String

  • Updated the Polish String

  • Updated Portuguese (PT) string

DOWNLOAD: https://simrealist.itch.io/snbank

PATREON DOWNLOAD FOR ALL UPDATES CAN BE FOUND HERE: https://www.patreon.com/posts/q2-2020-mod-35399449

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