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Q1 2019 - SimRealist Mod Updates!!

The wait is over! You can now enjoy all added features that were produced during the Q1 2019 Developmental phase for FREE!

Head over to our mod pages to get the updated files. Please be sure you delete ALL old SimRealist files before starting the process to make sure you don't accidentally use an old file and your game blows up.

With this update, there has been some additional guides uploaded to help you navigate some of the new features. Please feel free to request certain topics that you don't understand in the comments below, Discord or Patreon and I will see about added that in.

Thanks and ENJOY!

-The SimRealist Team

What's included in this update:

  • Basic Death Handling: What happens to your Sim's Simoleons when they die? They go to cyberspace for the aliens to grab. No really! The Surviving Family members receives all that your Sim has set aside for good or nefarious deeds... This update addresses what happens to a Sim's funds when they die, in a fundamental way, until we can come back to it with the addition of Estate Management. When your Sim's final moments take place, the Household will receive all the funds within your Sim's account with a deposit to the Household Account. How this works: A notification is displayed when a Sim in the active household dies, informing the user about the money that has been withdrawn from the dying Sim's bank account.

  • SimoleonGram: Even though your Sim's kid finally grew up and moved out, ever so often they might call in need of a little assistance ; - ) Let's make that easy for you and your Sim in question with the creation of SimoleonGram, the quickest way to send loved ones money in time of need. How this works: In order to access this feature, you will need to click the Main Account (as if you were going to do a Deposit or Withdrawal). You will then have an option called "Send Money." Once you click that option, you are given the ability to choose who will get the funds and how much. As of right now, it is locked down to only sending funds immediately instead of at a set frequency. We plan on adding in frequency with Automatic Transfers this year.

  • Fabulously Wealthy and Other Monetary Aspiration Support: You might be thinking that your Sim finally made it big with all that they've saved but in reality your recognition has gone unnoticed. No longer! How this works: Aspirations and achievements for cash in reserve and net worth will now recognize money in SNB accounts in addition to household funds. Withdrawing money from SNB accounts will no longer count as money earned for aspirations. Career earnings deposited directly into SNB accounts using career direct deposit will now count as money earned for aspirations.

  • Updated Currency Sign Text involving money amounts now uses the Simoleon symbol § in place of the dollar symbol $

Cooler Sicknesses mod by Nies now included, with all tuning overrides replaced with scripts. This includes:

• Illnesses from Get To Work expansion now have new visible moodlets with strong effects on your sim's mood, for as long as the illness lasts. These moodlets have new icons and descriptions made by Nies.

• Illness symptoms last longer.

• Sims can call in sick to work when they have the new illness moodlets

• Illnesses will no longer be removed when travelling.

• NPC sims can now recover from illnesses when off-screen.

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Unpaid Simmer
Unpaid Simmer
May 13, 2019

Please, make Private Practice compatible with Kawaii Stacy's Slice of Life diseases.


Apr 10, 2019

It should already be in Spanish


Apr 10, 2019

In spanish game mod please!!

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