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SimRealist & Patch (UPDATE 06/10/2020 PC: / Mac:

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

  • UPDATE 6/19/20 - SNB - Bills received a code update

  • UPDATE 6/17/20 - SNB - Bills updated for 6/4/20 (6/10/20) Patch

  • UPDATE 6/10/20 - Private Practice update for 6/4/20 (6/10/20) Patch

  • UPDATE 6/10/20 - Updated Mortem with missing Korean String.

  • UPDATE 6/9/20 - Organic updated for 6/4/20 Patch

  • UPDATE 6/5/20 - Mortem updated for 6/4/20 Patch 

  • UPDATE 6/4/20 - For the newest Patch uploaded today, our Mod Statuses remain the same. Check back here, on our Twitter, Discord, or Blog for when updates are available.

So I have some good news and some bad news. As expected, Bills didn't make it. In fact, if you try to use it right now, it will mess up your saves, so please don't do that! Private Practice was slightly affected by the Careers addition. What this means is that you can play with the current version of this mod WITHOUT the Careers mod package. Basically, you should only have three mod files for Private Practice while you wait for the update (the main mod package, script, and data.package). In addition, Organic needs some tuning on both Public and Patreon in regards to Whims. And Mortem also needs some tuning in regards to the cool-down between mod events. It works fine, but we are going to take the time to be sure Teens can be hosts as well.

A general estimate of how long you have to wait is a week at most. Remember that EA completely reworked Bills with this update, and we will need to check on quite a few things before even attempting to have something viable. If it isn't looking at all possible, I promise to let you know that and plan on working around this to offer new features in conjunction with EA's new system.

Now for the best news EVER! SNBank - Financial Center is almost ready! That means we will be on time with our Patreon release this weekend and a final release to everyone on the first weekend of July! Since you have to wait an extra week for us to get things together for everyone, I will be releasing the mod info so that you can see what is coming sooner rather than later because this is our most requested feature for SNB. I'll let everyone know when that occurs so that you can plan what type of financial story you would like your Sim to experience.

I look forward to seeing what each of you comes up with when it is released. It gives us the greatest happiness to know that our mods enhance your game.

Mod Status


Private Practice (

-Main Mod (UPDATED!)

-Careers (UPDATED!)

Organic ( - UPDATED!

Organic (Patreon - - UPDATED! (

Mod Tip Reminders While You Wait

  • SNB-Bills - Remove all mod files. Household data will remain until we release our updated mod files. That data shouldn't hurt anything, it is more for information the mod can read. If a complete data wipe is needed, we will include that in the next update.

  • Private Practice - Remove all mod files EXCEPT for the data.package. This file maintains your Sim's health information.

  • Organic - You can remove all mod files for this mod. If you have the Patreon version, separate out your custom hair progressions files (ohp) to somewhere it is less likely to be deleted.

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1 opmerking

04 jun. 2020

I'm saddened but it is understandable. Looking forward to new updates! Thank you for great mods!

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