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SNB - Bills

We received the report of some who removed the latest Bills from their mod folder and couldn't play their saves until they added back Bills. We think we were finally able to replicate this error on our end and currently working on a fix to hopefully be able to share with everyone asap. From what we can see, if you remove the mod while a custom utility is shutdown in any household in the save, you won't be able to bring up that save anymore until you add back the mod. For this reason, I've closed down the mod page until we get a fix for this and then re-upload the mod.

If you already have this mod in your game, please DO NOT remove it. It will cause the issue we mentioned. Wait until the new update is available if you would like to remove this mod entirely from your game. We will have a fix that allows you to wipe out any mention of this mod in your saves so that you can move forward without the burden of Bills (in-game. Can't help you with real-life ;) ).

If you are experiencing this issue right now, please head over to our Discord server channel: #simrealist-mod-support ( Either Victor or I will drop you an update to test in-game to see if it resolves this issue before posting to everyone.

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