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The Blue Square of Death & Bills

At the end of last month, we updated all our mods and released a new one, Organic.

SNB & Private Practice had a minor update that was only to include the welcome message that will show up in your save ONCE to show you installed it correctly.

Bills (YES, Bills is currently separate from SNB. If you have any issues and you see SNB-Bills in a Last Exceptions, it is for this mod only and NOT SNB.) had a major update that required a bit of a transition from the old version to the new with saves that previously had it. It also came with a one-time welcome message, like SNB & Private Practice, that lets a Simmer know the mod is now successfully active in-game. One last notable thing that a lot of Simmers are missing is that Bills are no longer compatible with the LittleMsSam_RSM_LoweredThermostatCostsOnBills.package that can be found in her Random Small Mods download => Seasons folder. This can cause a number of issues that could result in Last Exceptions or a complete reset of your Sim's Home Services every time they leave their home lot.

In addition, here are some errors that could result with either a conflict, incorrect installation or circumstance:

"I'm able to play without paying any bills and experiencing any adverse effects of not paying"

I suggest you completely remove SNB-Bills. Make sure you've completely cleared it all out and it isn't lingering in any subfolders. If you want to be sure Bills Data isn't present, launch your game and make sure you don't see the script or package in your Custom Content listing. If you want to completely reset the Bills Data, launch the save in question and save without the mod present and exit. Clearing Bills Data will result in a reset of Home Services and need to be purchased again.

Once you've completed the clear out and reset, download a fresh copy from the mod page ( and place the extracted folder right into your mod folder. Don't mess with it in any way or put it in different subfolders. By putting it in different subfolders you might forget it is there when you next update it and then you will end up with further issues.

Last Exception: "<categoryid></categoryid><desyncid>14224632b013b7805e13a155</desyncid><systemconfig/><screenshot/><desyncdata>Exception raised while processing zone spin up sequence: 4 (or 3),"

If you get this error, remove the Bills mod entirely (script and package - be sure to double check your entire mod folder for any lingering old files or check your Game's Custom Content listing). Make sure you don't have the above listed LMS Random mod in your mod folder. Start the save that resulted in this error. If the error does not occur then this is a result of a conflict that you previously saved or a bill was preparing to generate at the same time of activating the Bills mod. My suggestion is to see about saving the game without those two mods, run the game until a bill produces like normal, then add the Bills mod without LMS present and save. You should see a welcome message for the mod being added when you first load the save if you haven't previously. If this doesn't resolve the error, please join our Support Discord ( so that we can get additional information and see if we can reproduce the error for a bug fix. Right now, with our current setup we do not get this error so this is more likely a result of a conflict that wasn't addressed before a save but the more reports we get, the more we can see about fixing it if it is not.

Empty or 0 Simoleon bills

If you see an empty bill produced, then use the Bills cheat of snbb.forcebillsdue. If this doesn't clear the bill, then do Bills cheat snbb.paybills. You should be fine going forward. You would see this more so when you first load the mod and a bill immediately became due before you setup your services.

Got the MCCC mod and getting AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get_remaining_time' in the MCCC log.

Make sure all your money settings are set to default. Yes, unfortunately this includes Child Support. We hope to address this soon. Only Autopay works with the current version of Bills.

Last Exception: "KeyError: &lt;Utilities.TRASH" and File "C:\Users\User\Documents\Python Scripts\Sims 4 Python Script Workspace\My Script Mods\SNB Bills\Scripts\simrealist_snb_bills\", line 124, in snbb_clear_delinquency_status&#13;&#10;

Make sure you have the latest version by deleting what you have in your mod folder, checking to make sure all Bills mod files are gone, removing the reported LMS mod file that conflicts with this mod if in your mod folder, and then adding a fresh download-extracting and placing the mod folder, untampered with, in your mod folder. If you are still getting this error after completing this suggestion, then post your situation fully on our Support Discord Server (

"Home Services (Electricity, Water, Trash, etc) are constantly resetting."

If you missed my previous statement on the reported LMS mod that conflicts with Bills please start back up at the beginning of this post. Remove this mod from your mod folder if you plan on using Bills.

One final note, sometimes the error isn't a result from Bills. Anything that stops you from loading a Household will make Bills error out because it doesn't have a House to activate with. Please be sure to test your Bills setup by temporarily removing all other mods except for Bills and an Exception Reporting mod (MCCC or Better Exceptions), then run the save that error'd out. If no errors produce, then one of your other mods needs to be updated or you have a mod that conflicts with Bills. If errors do produce, you either have the Mod installed incorrectly or you have an outdated version.

If you do get the Blue Square of Death and it is for sure because of this mod (the current version), please post that on our Support Channel ( so that we can try to recreate the error and hopefully fix it.

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Abigail Salmon
Abigail Salmon

I'm getting


does anyone have the same issue?



@rotlocke Blue Square of Death is just a saying for the error that occurs when trying to load a household but you are just getting a greyed out or missing family. Basically the loss of a lot of work, blood, sweat, and tears. But you are really close to what mod we are producing this month ;) .



Hy dear team, at first- I love your work. At the moment I am a little bit confused, because I am a patron, but can't find a version of Blue Square of Death. Is that released for patrons, and where can I find it? Have a wonderful day, Rotlocke

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